kelly’s keys

I can blog about this now. I couldn’t before cause I made it as a house-warming gift for our friends Kelly and Simon and I wanted it to be a surprise. They moved into a little house on a dairy farm a few weeks ago. We haven’t managed to go up and see it yet, partly due to coming down with the flu when we were expected there for dinner.
They came to visit today (and brought Rio and Chloe to have their nails done*) so I got to give Kelly her presents – this key rack I made for them and a few other things I found which I knew she’d like.
Kelly’s pretty mad about black and white cows.
Hence the black and white ribbon on the key rack.
It all started out as a pretty plain, very old, very weathered piece of barn wood.
I roughly painted it with some blue/grey home made chalk paint, then handpainted some old style keys onto it. I loved the way the wood was worn away at one end so I painted the key and grey to make it look like the wearing had happend after, not before, the wood was painted.
I sprayed some old silver coloured hooks white using a flat white spray paint and put them along the bottom for keys… 
It needed something more… So I put an extra, smaller, hook into the worn area and added a heart I made out of some very rusty wire.
Better. Yet it still needed more… So I added a key I’d aged using a concoction I found on Pinterest. It was meant to rust it but didn’t. Still, it looked old(er).
Yep. It was getting closer.
I drilled 2 rather big holes into it and got Wayne to do more of his cute knots with some jute rope. I had to buy a new set of drill bits cause I didn’t have any big enough. (Any excuse will do to buy more hardware.)
Yep. It was getting there, but it still needed something more. I had to look at it for a long time before I would work it out. I hung it on the wall in the living room where I’d see it as I walked by every day.
Then I had a brainwave. It needed a bow.
A cowhide bow!
Have you ever tried to find cowhide ribbon? 
I bought some plain white ribbon from the fabric store in town and painted cow spots on it using a sharpie. Didn’t look too bad.
I made a double bow and looped some wire around the ribbon and the key and hung them onto the hook with the rusty heart.
I’m actually really happy with it. I think it came up pretty good considering the many false starts!

Adding this project to Addicted2Decorating Link Party.

*Rio and Chloe are jack russell terriers. Rio is a gorgeous little ratbag who’s already been introduced to the joys of hydrobathing and having his nails done with a dremel. Chloe is only 8 weeks old and it was her introduction to the dremel today.
There’s almost nothing cuter than a baby jack russell. Chloe is the sweetest thing!

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