how not to blog

  1. Turn on the computer and make a cup of coffee as it starts up.
  2. Sit at desk, opening tabs with right hand while patting standard poodle with left hand.
  3. Spend the next 15 minutes wiping up coffee from desk, under printer, under monitor and inside keyboard while yelling out four letter words as you jump around trying to blot up a full cup of coffee with tissues when said standard poodle shakes his head and spills coffee all over the desk.
  4. Throw away all the post-it notes you had on your desk with reminders and lists of things to do, plus entire unused post-it pads as they’re soaked beyond repair.
  5. Wonder just how resilient SD cards and USB sticks are to coffee drenching…
Ok. So now I’ve sorted that out and have a big pink towel on my desk soaking up any leftover coffee from under the monitor stand and the printer guts, I can tell you about my weekend.
I did NOTHING. Not a thing. 
Well. Ok. I did groom 3 dogs. And we did go visit some friends for dinner and stayed over-night. That was very nice.
And we stopped by to renew our dog registrations.
But other than that I did nothing.
Oh, on the way back from our friends’ place we drove past the Margate Tip Shop. Or Re-Use Shop as its called.
You know me. I never met a tip shop I didn’t like. Or could resist stopping at.
Wayne wasn’t impressed. We were too busy, didn’t have time to stop. 
But I had the keys and I was driving. So I went and looked while he waited impatiently in the car.
I found a few goodies… 4 doilies which I’m now collecting to make curtains as inspired by an image I fell in love with on Pinterest. Some rusty bits and pieces (I love my rusty bits), and another $1 kitchen chair!
I’ll soon have more chairs that I can possibly use, but hey, it was a nice chair, sitting out there in the rain! I couldn’t just LEAVE it there, now could I?
Here is a picture of the doilies, tea stained and drying out on the towel which is drying out my monitor.
And here is a picture of the chair. Cool find for $1, huh?
Needs a bit of TLC, but that’s what I’m here for!

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