jumping for joy & a bit down at the mouth

I’ve been featured on a blog!


I always dreamed this moment would come… 🙂

Seriously. I’ve been blogging for a while now, firstly just to keep in touch with friends and family as I gallivanted around the greek islands. Then to share my adventures on the new farm. And eventually, to brag about all the things I get up to.

Embarassingly, though I think I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now, I don’t have many followers. Though quite a few people read apparently.

You know… unexpected people (not you, Merrill, or you, Diane. You better read cause you’ll be quizzed later!)

I’ll be chugging along happily at work and someone will comment on something I wrote on my blog.

Or Wayne will get off the phone with his brother’s partner in South Australia and tell me they asked about our plumbing issues.


Small world.

I started reading blogs by some talented women with gorgeous houses and beautiful furniture, getting inspiration (and feeling more than a little envious). Somewhere along the line I started commenting on blogs, linked up on a link party or three, and some of my items got me some nice comments.

It feels nice. 🙂

Angie from Knick of Time was impressed enough with my retro tin storage that she featured it on her blog.

Anyway… That explains the jumping for joy, but what about the down at the mouth bit?

Well… yesterday I stopped in at one of my favourite shops in New Norfolk and learned that a dog grooming shop will be opening in town very soon.

Till now I’ve been the only local groomer, even though I only worked part time, at first driving to people’s places and washing dogs in bathtubs and laundry tubs till we moved to the farm. Then working out of the casita where I set up a proper grooming room with hydrobath and all.

There have been mobile groomers who would come out this way, but people who lived further out had to go all the way to the city for a groom, or they would (if they were lucky enough to know about me) come to me.

My grooming business has grown lots since moving here – some by word of mouth, others by referral from the local vet, flyers and business cards placed around town.

Most of my customers learn about me from their sister, brother in law, neighbour, hairdresser, etc. I love meeting new people and I love that I can walk in town and say hello to half the people I meet.

I’m a good groomer. I’m good with dogs. I love dogs. In fact, that’s what I say on my business card!

So I know I’m not going to lose my customers, at least not all of them. I look after their dogs and treat them well and get them looking great.

But I’m kicking myself for missed opportunities.

I should have been the one to open a business in town. I did think about it quite a few times. But a shop means overheads and you need the business to cope with overheads. Working from home enables me to build the business slowly, to work at my own pace (ie I take my time doing the dogs as I can afford to), and I can pick and chose my hours.

With a ‘proper’ job, grooming is my second job. I work on it on weekends or my days off. In summer when the days are longer and more people notice Fifi needs a clip, I also work some afternoons.

I’m flexible.

I’m not stuck in a shop with bills to pay regardless of how many dogs I groom that month.

I’m confident in my skills. I know I’m good.

Yet, I feel depressed at the prospect of a grooming shop opening in town.

Am I being silly? New Norfolk isn’t a big town… I was hoping to groom more and work less as time went on.

Now I wonder if it will happen.


Ok, now I’ve talked myself into a funk I better go before I talk myself into sticking my head in the oven – and its electric so that would be a total failure.


2 thoughts on “jumping for joy & a bit down at the mouth

  1. Get your head out of the oven before your hair frizzles! My dad has told me more than once to just go stick my head in there, but it's an electric start, so I'd have to cook my head, not die of gas! **LOL** You'll keep your customers, you know it. You'll make more from word of mouth and if you'd wanted a shop, you would have opened one. Not to worry, don't kick yourself- life's too short for that nonsense! And I'm willing to be you have a LOT of readers for the blog- I know I'm here every time I see you've written something new!


  2. It was my pleasure to feature you and your great cans, Zefi!

    Don't kick yourself – it sounds like your business is just what you need it to be right now. If your long-term desire is to expand it in town, then perhaps you can use this time to come up with a revised plan – like offering a grooming service, along with other services (maybe share a space with a beautician, so while people are getting their dogs groomed, they can get themselves groomed too!) Just brainstorming here, but keep your eyes open to the needs in your community and you may be able to improve on what that other business is offering.

    Angie @ Knick of Time


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