adding to my junk collection

Seems every time I go into an op shop or junk shop (I avoid antique shops like the plague), I find something small, or something huge.
Over the last few weeks I’ve done a bit of browsing with no serious intent to buy anything, yet somehow I still managed to spend an undetermined amount of money I will not admit to in public.
This is just a sample of the stuff I’ve found and collected. 
Who doesn’t love rusty funnels? That shop had another bigger one, but I refused to pay the price they had on it. 
Hooks of all kinds – good. They’re getting harder and harder to find.
The funniest little tin opener I’ve ever seen. Cute.
As I said, the pic above is just a sample. There are more cookie cutters, a few more coat hooks, many smaller cup hooks, rusty hinges, tons of old tarnished cutlery.
And latches, locks and door hardware. And some really pretty blue and white plates. Speaking of which, I saw 3 sets of old crockery I love… I’m so tempted to go back and get them. 

Do I need more plates? Frankly, yes. Then I won’t have to wash dishes so often.

I’ve also started collecting cookie cutters and other such stuff for my rusty/shiny dangly things. I am in love with those things. If I actually sold some I’d be thrilled.
And the hole thingies for drills. 
I know what I’m talking about, you don’t have to know what something is called to know what it is, or be able to use it! 
And doilies. Lots of doilies.
Why doilies you ask? 
This is why:
I want to make curtains for my home using cheesecloth and/or burlap and doilies. I’ve been inspired.
So, what am I up to this weekend?
Well, as you well know, there’s no rest for the wicked. I have a ton to do as usual. Unfortunately most of it comes under ‘need to do’ rather than ‘want to do’.
A friend is visiting and since he’s the guy who put up the deck and mudroom for me, I’m getting him to put the window frame in the mud room so I can start painting it. I’m dying to start painting.
So I must unearth the timber he’ll need for that job.
Then my day will include fixing the hearth to take up to the tenants in my house in Fentonbury. I had to buy a new bolt for it yesterday. Plus I have some curtains to take up as well.
I took some cuttings of my favourite bush in Fentonbury last weekend and I need to put them in the ground. So, since I’m getting dirt on my hands (did I say dirt? Mud, I meant mud.) I may as well plant some poor things I’ve finally decided on a home for after only 12 months in pots.
Then I have to sort through things to take to the market on my way there, pick up horse pellets (also on the way there), drop off the stuff for Fentonbury, and finally my reward is dinner with friends!
The clock’s ticking. Why am I still here?

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