baby steps

We have too many shoes. And boots.

Scratch that.

DJ has too many boots.

This is what the mud room looks like currently:

Yep. A total mess. See the black and white tiled floor which is no longer black and white but black and grime?

See the piles of boots and layers of coats on the walls?

And the old boxes containing more shoes? What about the stuff I just ‘put there for a minute’ 3 days ago?

And if you look closely you’ll see Montana peeking out of Mischa and Barney’s crate…

This weekend I had a list of things to do. As always. But this time I’m proud to announce that I managed to do almost every single thing on my list, plus a few things that weren’t.

Like putting the shopping list chalkboard up in the tiny entry way where the fridge lives. So handy. Go to fridge, can’t find something cause its out – write it on the chalkboard!


I was going to do my usual thing with jute string and tied up chalk but decided to do something different. I did a white wash over weathered pegs and hot glued them to the frame. Quick and easy.

Since I was on a chalkboard roll, and since I had the hammer and nails out and was going strong on things not on my To Do List, I figured I’d put the huge chalkboard I’d found at an op shop a while ago up on the wall outside the mud room. Its a handy spot to leave messages…

This got two pieces of chalk and two pegs to hold them.

Have you ever noticed that if you hang something from just one hook, it will hang crooked and move when you bump it, then hang lopsided?

Well, I had a low tech solution.

Nails. On each bottom corner to hold it in place.

Ok. Maybe not the best solution, but this wall is going to be painted soon and I’ll do the job properly. Till then its fine as it is.

I just need to get out there and write something interesting on it!

Stay tuned.

So… after I did all the other things on my To Do List for the weekend, I decided on the spur of the moment to remove cupboard doors from my upper kitchen cabinets.

Cause, why not? Its my kitchen and I can do what I like, right?

At least thats what I told DJ when he came in and started whining about how what on earth was I doing now and why couldn’t I just leave well enough alone…

Here’s what I’ve learned.

That those hinges which close doors on the outside of cabinets suck. That the people who make those hinges supply them with the worst possible screws cause just putting the hinges on had ruined the screw thread. Getting them out was a huge adventure involving much swearing and the use of many different tools… including a claw hammer. (Do not try this at home!)

That partners don’t always have the same enthusiasm you have in the whole ‘lets try to change the kitchen for the better without changing anything really cause we haven’t got the money for new cabinets, benchtops, new stove or moving windows’…

And that quick jobs like ‘hey, I’ll just take the doors off those cabinets’ turn into marathons with hurdles.

On the positive side I learned that I like having somewhere in the kitchen where I can display things I like. And see things I no longer like.

Like the 50s cannisters. I love them, but I’m over them. I want different stuff in there now.

I also learned that I really, seriously want to declutter the benchtops.

Ok. I knew that before I started, but this seems like a good time to bring it up.

This is phase 1 of changing the kitchen to something I’m more likely to love looking at. Live with this for a while… find moulding/trim/whatever I can find to prettify the cabinets and make them look more like shelves…

Then rip out the entire kitchen and put in new one.

Ah… I can dream.

At least I got a few things done and taken a baby step towards a different kitchen!


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