teeny tiny birdcage

Just a little something I whipped up while watching TV.

My hands were bored.

The inspriation? Pinterest of course! On my Wired board.

I used a bottle top, then two different gauge wires. I love my tiny birdcage.

I haven’t yet found anywhere to put it, or use it. But then again, my house (and shed) are full of things I love but haven’t yet found a place or use for. I’ll get to it eventually. I always do.

At least for a while.

I’ll find a place for something, then one day I’ll be doing up another room or another corner and I’ll scavenge my house for the perfect item to finish it off. I’ve been known to plunder a vignette/room/shed/outdoor area for that perfect item to finish another vignette/room/shed/outdoor area.

Everything can be re-used.

Well. Almost everything.

Some things are best sent to the tip.

I know that.

We’re planning a couple of tip trips over the next weeks. I’ve been collecting piles of stuff in a corner near the casita and DJ has been busy burning piles of scrap wood (sob) and rubbish in the paddocks and piling stuff that needs to go too.

Although I’m losing my stockpile of weathered wood, we’re finally cleaning up the rubbish piles we inherited when we bought this place.

There is still a huge stack of timber near the garage. We plan to use that over our September break in my crazy woodshed makeover. It was once great wood. A mix of hardwood lining (like the stuff used in the mudroom), floorboards and weather boards. I’d love to keep it for something special, but the fact is its rotting in the weather. When we bought the house it was lying on the side of the garage, semi wrapped in plastic. We moved it to higher ground and wrapped it better.

In come the horses. Over the last few months they’ve unwrapped it and scattered timber all over the place. Breaking bits of it as they walk over it… you get the picture. Its a matter of use it or lose it.

Since we first moved here we’ve had this ugly woodshed. The shed itself is cute and stable – with round corner posts and a timber floor. The undercover area outside needs a serious bit of work as it was done the wrong way and the beams are all sagging and the roof is hanging low. That will be fixed (if I have anything to do with it) but the woodshed itself – I have plans!

Its currently covered in thick shadecloth. Ok… it works I guess, but its ugly. It looks like a badly wrapped package. I plan to rip that all off (and recycle it!) and then clad the shed in old timber.

DJ doesn’t quite get it. He says things like ‘There isn’t enough wood in the pile to do it’ thinking I want uniformity. I don’t. I want a crazy, characerful, rustic farm shed, made with mismatching bits of timber and with a yellow climbing rose growing up the side.

As I said… I have plans. I just hope we have enough time to tackle it over our break.

Fingers crossed nothing else comes up.


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