teapot chime

I had a silver teapot I found at an op shop.
I had a quite a few salt and pepper shaker lids leftover from my garden stake project.
And I had Pinterest for inspiration!

I saw this somewhere along my wanderings. Gorgeous.

Only I made a few changes. I wanted mine to look more like water spouting out than drops pouring out. So instead of having one lid from which others hung, I made each lid come out of the spout itself in a graceful curve.

At the end of each curve of wire I hung a lid and some aqua crackle glass beads. I also added some tiny bells to the lids for extra jingle.

I wanted to hang it on the porch where the wind will catch it and make it tinkle but taking photos of it there proved to be impossible… so I tried a few more interesting settings.
I love the contrast of the shining silver pot and lids with the rusty red bucket and old biscuit tin. And the weeds.
Much as I love the vignette of silver and rust, I didn’t want to leave it out in the middle of the yard exposed to rain. I’ve put it on the porch, on a ledge next to a rusty pot holding succulents. 
Works fine there too.

I think it might need a few more lids. I found a few more yesterday so I can add them any time. Make it richer/fuller.  Still, I’m rather pleased with it as it is.


PS. This project has been added to the Knick Of Time Tuesday link party! Go visit and check out what other bloggers are doing.

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