lost socks

This is a little project which took months to finish. Why? Cause halfway through I hated it and stopped working on it.

It started out as an offcut of pine from the shelves I made for the office. Never let bits of wood go to waste if they ‘might come in handy one day’, right?

I used the steel wool in vinegar method to age the wood, then gave it a bit of a sand to soften it. I tried transferring the type to the sign but that was a bit of a failure. I had to fix it up using a sharpie, but thats ok.

That’s when I took my first break. I didn’t like the type. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but then it just didn’t do it for me. I let the sign sit in the office for weeks before I thought I’d try putting an image on it… socks of course. I couldn’t find many socks pictures I liked so I settled for this one. Looking at it now, I’d probably have done it differently, but hey. Its done now. I just glued the cut out images to the sign and gave it all a coat of clear varnish.

Then I hot glued weathered wooden pegs to it.

At that point I gave it a bit more of a rest. Longer this time.

On the weekend, in my manic ‘do something about the casita’ mood, I finally tackled the sign. It was time. It had a home to go to and I couldn’t put it off any more.

I got DJ to tie some more of his cute knots to it for hanging. I really do like rope on signs. I then added a bit of twine along the pegs to make it look like a clothes line.
Of course, big ol’ mens work socks (or even less big ladies sports socks) aren’t cute for a photo, so here it is with some teeny cute baby socks.
Another little piece comes together in the laundry room…

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