a little scattered…

This weekend, while doing all the casita sorting, I also did some computer cleaning. That meant copying a ton of files off the hard drive and onto an external drive. I’d bought that drive a long time ago as a place to back up files in case this computer up and died on me suddenly.
Over the last year or so, I’ve only used it for backups – old work and photos mainly. This weekend I decided that since its always connected, I may as well move all my work, photos, projects and website files there. Leaving more space for this poor old computer to stretch its tiny brain.
That was successful, so I thought I’d delete fonts I dont need, want or use as well… not my best idea to date…
While moving photos I found a few I’d like to share… well… just because.
This is a drumcase I used as a bedside table for many years.
My brother is a drummer/percussionist, so I was used to having drum cases of all sizes around the house. In fact, Peter always had drum cases as coffee tables, side tables, you name it, it was probably a drum case.
So, when I moved to Melbourne as a student and needed furniture, I grabbed the first couple of drum cases I saw for my own bedroom. They’re great for holding blankets or off-season clothes inside while they hold a lamp and alarm clock on top.
This particular one was too black for the bedroom once I decided to go country and more girly, so I painted it. 
Isn’t paint the answer to almost any question?
Then there’s the Christmas presents from last year. I usually like to do something special with my wrapping, but this time I got lazy and used bought wrapping paper. But instead of putting gift tags on the presents, I made wire initials. Then they could keep their own initial as well.
What do you do with all those small 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons you get when you show dogs? I had a million of them. (Mostly 1sts of course! LOL)
One thing I did was make a trolley cover by stitching a heap of them together like a quilt. 
A trolley is a dog crate on wheels, sort of. We use them a lot here in Australia at dog shows. They have a flat non-slip top so you can groom on top of them, put your dog(s) inside to keep them safe, and you can fill them with stuff when going to and from your car. Amazing invention.
After the cover, I still had a heap left over so I made a wreath for my door. The colours make it an almost perfect Christmas wreath. I added a big gold bow with bells, and voila.
A pretty jingly welcome to our home at Christmas.

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