Yesterday afternoon we got home and did the usual feeding of animals routine. While I fed Ben I looked over at the old dog kennel I moved over to the dam for the ducks to use. Of course they never used it. And one day I found 15 chook eggs in it.
I decided it was time to check it again since Wayne hadn’t been… This time I found 19 eggs!
Being I had no idea how long they’d been there, I brought them in and dunked them in water to see if they floated. They all sank. Good.
But 5 of them were a blue-ish colour. And our hens lay white, cream and brown eggs. No blue.
Duck eggs.
Wayne said I should take them back out and put them back in the nest. He said the only sure-fire way to get the duck to accept them was to find some duck poop and rub them in it.
So I went out, muttering to myself, and walked around the dam twice looking for duck poop. I found some and was rubbing them in when Wayne came out to the porch and called “Make sure you find fresh poop, not old dry poop.”.
Groan. I couldn’t find any fresh poop!
After watching me for a while, Wayne said I might as well just put them in the nest. He’d made up that bit about the poop!
Last weekend was a write off as far as projects went. About the only thing I managed to do was patch up these incredibly annoying ‘holes’ in the kitchen.
See, we have a plain, standard (narrow) 500cm upright stove.
I dislike it intensely.
The gap it sits in is almost 700cm. That means gaps on either side of the stove. Different sized gaps. Gaps big enough to lose spoons, knives, pots and pans down. And food scraps, potato peels, sauce.

Wayne does most of the cooking… It was filthy down there.

When I dropped a spoon down there last week it was the last straw.
Since I can’t afford a new stove (let alone a new kitchen), I decided it was time I did something to forestall my impulse to get the sledgehammer…
I took one of the cabinet doors I removed a couple of weeks ago …

…and cut strips to fit the gaps, then used tiny brackets to fix them in place.

Not perfect (and please ignore the grime rings – I hadn’t planned on doing a photo shoot when I started the job). I have since painted the ends white so they don’t look quite so odd. Like thin white strips don’t look odd enough – with the Grand Canyon below them …

At least I got something done.

I’ll leave you with some photos of old projects I found while searching for some artwork. When I first moved to Tasmania I’d made a series of Tasmanian tiger objects which I sold through a local shop. Here are a couple of the coat racks made from old barn wood, images painted with gouache and finished with varnish.


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