dragonflies & crystal

 I saw some wire and bead dragonflies on Pinterest a few weeks ago and since then I’ve gone dragonfly crazy. I’ve been making them at work for clients, and at home, well… just because I can.

There’s something so cute about them.

A few weeks ago I found this silver dish thingy at an op shop. I have no idea what the technical name might be, but originally this thing held a small glass or crystal bowl. Without the bowl, this poor little silver thingy just looked sad.

Till I added dangly things to it and made it into something special!

I used some more of the antique cutlery (I got a load of the stuff so it will feature in a few projects). They make a great musical sound when they clink together.

I added 2 dragonflies and a small bumble bee (you can see him peeking out between the spoon handles).

I used crackle glass beads and the large crystal in the middle for a bit of sparkle and light reflection.

So the sad little silver thingy is sad no more!


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