rusty coathanger heart

While digging around for scrap barnwood in the pile in the back paddock, I found 3 rusty old coat hangers.
I loved them so much I’ve planted a few new ones out there for next year.
 I bent the coat hangers into hearts (cause what else would you do with them?) and hung them off the curtain rod in the living room for a while. Let them mature, you know…
I made my heart welcome wreath out of one of them.
Which left 2 hearts waiting for their purpose and forever home.
One of the hearts is a bit too rusty (and weak) to hang things from… that will go somewhere later, when I find the right spot for it.
This heart has become a suncatcher, with different coloured prisms and other misc objects for a bit of sparkle and shine.
Just whimsical enough I think.

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