the woodshed gets a door

Hey! I’m back to typing with all fingers! Gently, but all fingers nonetheless!
So here, I am with the promised photos of the woodshed with its new door.
There’s a small drainage ditch in front of the woodshed, so Wayne made temporary steps up to the door as well! He’s a gem.
The door came from an old shed I pulled down at my house in Fentonbury. Its seen a few incarnations…
I used it as a divider in my bathroom in Fentonbury for a while…
I also used it as a ramp when I had puppies who needed a bit of help getting up and down steep stairs.
Now its back to being a shed door. Full circle.
In the spirit of using what we have, the hinges have come off a door somewhere, so has the lovely old rusty bolt. And being that Wayne is clever with wire, he made the bolt work with wire to latch it onto.
Looks great doesn’t it? Even Wayne thinks so. This morning he said ‘I hate to admit it, but the woodshed does look better.’
Score 1 for Zefi.
Though he did roll his eyes when he saw me hang the barbed wire on the door…
You may have noticed the roll of barbed wire lying against the shed along with an old tractor steering wheel and a huge wheel brace. After taking the photos I thought the barbed wire would make a great wreath for the door (hence the top photo).
I’ve got plans for that wreath.
Since when do I not have plans for everything?
Stay tuned.

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