the make-do philosophy

I’ve been thinking…
Don’t roll your eyes.
I’ve been thinking about a few things ever since I read about the Nesting Place’s 31 Dayers. This is the link to last year’s challenge to blog on one subject for 31 days in a row, during October.
At least that’s how I understood it.
My first thought was “How exciting! I want to do it (if its on again this year).”
My second thought was “Oh, no, what would I write about?”
My third thought was “Could I do it?”

Its a huge commitment. 31 Days? Can I keep at something for that long?

Last time I said I’d do something every day was when I decided to walk every afternoon. I think the last walk I took was about a year and a half ago, precisely 3 days after making the decision.

If I did do it…I’d have to pick a topic relevant to me, my life, my blog. It would have to be something I’m interested in. It would have to be something which challenges me … and which ideally will take me a few steps outside my comfort zone, otherwise what’s the point?
So, what would my topic be?
Then I had the answer.
I could do a series on using what I have. On not spending money for everything I think I need, even if it is from an op shop.
Cause, between you and me, I have a shopping problem.
This could be my 10 step program, in 31 steps if you will. 
First admit you have a problem…
I think that I have enough stuff around here that I can tackle most of the projects I have waiting in the wings. I have things I can use to make, mend, fix, change, most of the projects on my list.
Ok. Not all of them. Some of them will need special bits purchased for them. But quite a few of them can be done using what I have on hand and my imagination.
I could make a list of the projects I can work on during the month and tackle them using only what I already have. Of course there’s its virtually impossible to do 31 projects in 31 days when you work… but surely there’s other related stuff I can post about …
So what do you think?
Should I do it?

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