another tip trip

Yesterday, and again today, both Wayne and I spent a bit of time doing bits and pieces around the new look woodshed. It seems our plan to ‘do up the woodshed’ over this break has been achieved. This is a preview. I’ll have more photos soon… Let me just say it involves a pretty cool sign.

I really wanted to put in a climbing rose, but when I tried to dig a hole I almost dislocated my shoulder. It was like hitting granite. I’m not a good gardener. I’m a wimp, so I decided to do the easy thing.

I went and got a couple of the boxes I’d gotten (for free) and put them along the side, dug 5 tons a wheelbarrow full of dirt from a mound we mysteriously have behind the garage, filled the boxes, and chucked some lavender plants in them.

I then put an almost entirely but not quite dead climber into the ground (figuring if it lives, bonus, if it doesn’t well, nothing lost since it was mostly dead anyway) and took the fake half barrel it used to live in (or tried to die in) over to the woodshed and put another plant in it there.

Let me explain.

As I said, I’m no gardener. Every spring I get this crazy gardening mania. I have visions of pretty flowers and a gorgeous garden with little surprise nooks and whimsical decorations… I buy plants, put them in the ground and watch most of them die. Wayne thinks I should buy them pre-dead and save the time. I’ve taken to buying them and keeping them in pots in an attempt to trick them into staying alive.

Last year I bought a ton of plants really cheap from an old guy who grows them from cuttings, including 21 lavenders I intended to plant along the driveway. That never happened. I put in 3 then Wayne said not to put in any more since he had plans to do some digging there.

That never happened either.

So, I still had 18 lavender plants growing more and more pot-bound. A few weeks ago I put most of the lavenders along the front of the house, just at the foot of the new deck.


I stuffed up again.

Sure, they’re still alive so far (despite me) but I didn’t put in a proper bed, and I didn’t weed or anything, so now I play spot the lavender plant between the weeds.


Well, another 4 went into the boxes. Now I have a few more to find homes for and I can’t, for the life of me, think of where to put them. We may have 90 acres, but the house yard is not big.

I have a hydrangea I need to move. Long story involving sump oil and a ton of river pebbles.

And today I put in some pussy willow cuttings, on the paddock side of the fence. I put in about 10 of them last year, near the dam, to soak up the bog created around there every winter – but the horses ate them. We had to put an electric fence around that area so they’d have a chance, and to protect the silver birches I planted.

I checked them today. The silver birches have leaves, the pussy willows are just sticks. Hence this second attempt to plant cuttings.

I got the cuttings from Fentonbury where we’d gone to do an inspection. While there, we got a load of stuff to take to the tip.

This time I made sure I didn’t shut my fingers in the car door.

I also helped Wayne unload the rubbish. He took one thing out of the trailer, I put one in the back of the ute.

Ok, that’s an exaggeration. I only kept back a few things. Things I knew would come in handy one day. Wayne was not impressed.

At least I’ve been making things lately, using what I have and being creative! And it feels great!


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