the woodshed finished!

Its finished! Mission accomplished. This September break, we made over the woodshed!
The last finishing touches went on on Monday, the last day of our break.
I made a couple of signs for the shed (what is it with me and signs lately? I have this unhealthy obsession…)
I made a small ‘Woodshed’ sign which I put into the center of the barbed wire wreath.
I also made a special sign –
When we moved here, we named the farm Wind Dancer after Wayne’s special horse. I always wanted to make a sign for the gate and never got around to it. Then while we were making over the woodshed I found this old round piece of plywood. I’d seen it many times before – its been there since we bought the farm after all. Its old, weathered and broken in spots. 
It was perfect.
I wanted it to look like a very old sign. Like you’d see in an old garage or something.
I had to print out the words on lots of bits of paper and I cut them out like a stencil. Using charcoal, I drew the letters and horse in, and then painted it.
Unfortunately, when I coated the sign with polyurethane to protect it from the weather (cause now its a sign I don’t want it rotting or washing away in the rain) it darkened. Varnish always darkens the colour of timber.
This is how it looks when you come up our drive now. The fence ruins the look a bit, but we can’t do much about that. (You can see where Wally has been gnawing on the fence posts!)
Wayne has finished the last wall – on the right. Its a half wall. He won that arguement. Actually, it made more sense than leaving it open on that side. Now we can toss wood in and it won’t just bounce back out.
 The front and left side of the shed now has plants and rusty objects adorning it.
The ammo boxes are one of my favourite things. I found them at op shops over the years and have held onto them.
We’re both very proud of our ‘new’ woodshed.

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8 thoughts on “the woodshed finished!

  1. Thank you everyone! Did you see what it looked like before (an earlier post)? It always bugged me. Now I love driving up to our place to be greeted by my dogs at the gate and the pretty woodshed! πŸ™‚


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