I got an email today with a link to the site with these colour slides from the early 1940s. They’re just gorgeous. Of course I love some of the old buildings (especially the old shop fronts with their signs) but the people are what touch me the most.
Like the faces of these cute little boys. The innocence of them. The photo looks like it was taken a week ago, but these boys probably grew up, got married and are now are grandparents. Or they are no longer alive. But they look so alive in this photo, their whole life ahead of them…
And the clothes! This is what making do and re-using what you had on hand was all about. Hand-me-downs and making dresses out of bolts of cheap fabric… We don’t know what it was really like in the depression. At least my generation and younger doesn’t.
I love this old shed, which is actually some juke joint apparently. What struck me is that this is pretty much how the side of our garage looks – all patchy pieces of corregated iron.
 What I need now is some old signs… Then I think I’ll love the patchy old shed!

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