quick & easy photo display

Here’s a quick and easy little project. It only took 4 months to finish.
3 months, 30 days, 23 hours and 40 minutes were spent in the planning stage. The most important stage, as you know.
20 minutes were spent putting it together.
First step, spot these cute little flower frogs in an op shop.
(I was told that’s what they’re called. I had no idea what they were, much less what they were called, when I saw them. I just liked the shape. And the rust didn’t hurt either.)
Next step, pay your $2 and take them home where you put them on a shelf and let them gather dust while you consider options.
Then, when you’ve got a spare 20 minutes, search your computer for photos you like. Resize them, adjust the saturation in Photoshop and add frames to ‘age’ them. Put new ink cartridges in the printer, print them out, laminate them and trim them down.
Once that’s done, stick the photos in the frogs and photograph.
See? Easy.
Have I ever lied to you?
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