cupid cage?

What on earth would you do with a small drawer thingy with a cage that you can’t even open?
I mean, really.
I saw this thing in a 2nd hand shop.
It was ugly. 
Painted gold and aged in a really tasteless mass produced authentic made in china antique kind of way.
Yet I bought it anyway. Says a lot about me, doesn’t it?
To be fair, it was part of a ‘how much would you take for the lot’ kind of deal. 
There was something about it. Something I couldn’t put my finger on… maybe the dust, or the faux finish…
Anyway, got it home, brushed it off, gave it a wash, then proved the well known saying in DIY-blogland: everything looks better painted white.
So, it does look better. Doesn’t it? 
Still quite as useless though. 
Unless you only have 2 rings you need to store.
Which I don’t.
…. I have no idea what I’ll use it for… then again, give it a few months of sitting on a shelf and I’ll find something.
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3 thoughts on “cupid cage?

  1. Hello from Canada Zefi! Your whatchamacallit shelf thingy looks so awesome! I probably would have bought it too because it's unusual in that 'only a thrifter could love it kind of way'. lol. Found you through the Newbie party and am your newest GFC follower.
    Tuula 🙂


  2. Thanks! I have so much work to do to this house before I can make nice vignetttes! What I miss is having a fireplace with a mantel! We only have a freestanding wood heater here and I miss my mantel! In my old house I had 2 fireplaces. Lots of opportunity for decorating. 🙂


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