wild horses couldn’t drag me away

What a great way to kick off 31 days!

I was just about to go out and feed the horses when the neighbour behind us called. Our horses were in their yard.

Their beautiful manicured acres of lawn.

Not so beautiful any more.

Seems the horses either knocked down the temporary gate to the ford, or took advange when it somehow came loose by itself.

I’m not pointing fingers, but I suspect Wally had something to do with it. Why? Cause that horse is like the schoolyard bully and class troublemaker all rolled into one really big package.

I walked over there with a bucket of feed and tried to coax them back. Ben, my sweetie (and a guts) came over straight away for some treats and followed me back to our paddock. Dancer followed and Wally held back a while, then galloped full pelt towards me.

I almost peed my pants praying he’d pull up in time.

I got Ben in our paddock but Wally refused to come. He stood outside the gate, then turned and hightailed it out of there, Ben and Dancer trailing him.

Repeat above 3 times.

3rd time they went down the neighbour’s driveway. All the way to the road.

By the time I got down here, walking, bucket of feed in hand, they were about 3 houses down, getting to know the gorgeous leopard appaloosa that moved in a couple of months ago. They were sniffing and fence racing up and down the paddock.

Again, Ben, the sweetie, came to me (eventually) and Dancer followed. I grabbed hold of Dancer by the neck rug, and walked her back to our driveway. Ben was following. Wally eventually joined us, stuck his nose into the driveway, then turned and galloped off again, luring Ben off with him.


Luckily I was able to keep hold of Dancer and got her in the bottom paddock.

Meanwhile I walked further up the road and found the boys in a neighbour’s front yard scaring the hell our of their dog.

Again, my sweet Benny boy came to me and I was able to grab him and lead him back to the bottom paddock. Wally reluctantly followed, taking off up the driveway in an effort to show he was no lamb being led to captivity like the others.

I lost the battle to move them back into the top paddock – I let them stay in the bottom paddock.

I’m over it.


2 thoughts on “wild horses couldn’t drag me away

  1. I feel your pain. We have 1-1/2 horses (a quarterhorse and a miniature horse). The quarterhorse never leaves our property unless the miniature horse escapes and leaves, then he'll follow her blindly anywhere. They always choose the worst weather to escape. Last winter they choose the first snow when the roads were terrible. We had only lived in this house for a few months, so we had no idea where they'd go. They went to the next little town over from ours (3 miles away) and found some other horses to visit with. Those are the days I wonder about our wisdom in keeping horses!


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