day 4 – to do lists and reality

I have a very clever friend who has a more realistic approach to to-do list making. She puts things like ‘do laundry’ and ‘wash dishes’ on her list.

I don’t.
Those are everyday things – ever present, like death and taxes 
In fact what Benjamin Franklin should have said is “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and dirty dishes”.
Since they’re inevitable, unavoidable and omnipresent, I shouldn’t need to put them on my list. Right?
Of course, my friend is right. If I put those things on my To Do list I’d probably be more realistic with what I might accomplish in one day. 
If I followed her advice, instead of a To Do list that looks like this:
I’d have one that looked like this:
I’d actually cross more stuff off my list at the end of the day.
But that would be too sensible. And I’m me, I believe I’m superwoman. Not only can I do everything on my list, I can do it all without help, I can do it all in one day and still have time to wash dishes, put on 3 loads of washing and mow the lawn!
Yeah! I am SuperZefi!

PS. I’m thinking of having a whole body transplant soon. This one is wearing out on me…

4 thoughts on “day 4 – to do lists and reality

  1. LOL As the psychotic rather than clever friend who encourages this, doesn't it seem like you've accomplished more in a day when you have at least a few things crossed off? Much better than a to-do list that doesn't show any progress at all! That's discouraging! I like seeing that I didn't totally waste my entire day off with nothing at all to show for it, so listing the obvious, and then crossing it off as it's done feels good. And if you feel good, you do more, which means you cross off more, which makes you feel better. It's win-win! LOL


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