day 6 – taking it easy

Today was a day ‘off’ for me.
That means I didn’t do any work. Nothing but indulge myself, doing what I wanted to do.
I didn’t even look at the to do list, but I did manage to cross one item off it! I took our corner TV unit up to a friend. That’s something I’d had on my weekend list for about 5 weeks now. I decided that instead of spending time to paint it, they needed a new tv unit, so I would give it to them.
This achieved two things. Its one step in decluttering and reducing the projects I have to get to. 
It also added a few more brownie points to my karma.
I believe in helping out when I can. Which is why I suck as a business person. I’m more likely to give things away than to sell them. Great for karma. Not so good for the bank account.
What I did yesterday:
I visited Kelly and dropped off the tv unit. Had coffee and a muffin, played with their dogs. Explored the old homestead on the property they’re living on and scored this little beauty.
I don’t really know what it is. The ‘grill’ bit is too wide to really cook things on, but it looks like some kind of camp stove for big steaks. Its gorgeously rusted though, so I know I’ll find a home for it. Or Wayne will find a use for it.
I then came home and wandered around the garden thinking how much it needed mowing and took photos instead of taking out the mower. I created this little garden bed after Billybear died and put in a pom pom bush (viburnum) and some colombines (grannie’s bonnets). The pom pom bush is looking great. We’ll get flowers this year. What better flower for a poodle than a pom pom bush?
Please ignore the weeds. I think the only reason we have a ‘lawn’ is that weeds look green.
The colombines are looking great too. I can’t remember what colour seeds I put in that spot, either white or dark purple. I so want a cottage garden but I’m a useless gardener.
This is how the hydrangea bed looks right now… The hydrangeas are growing beyond the photo, but its a mess. My gardening style tends more towards interesting ‘objects’ in amongs plants that survive my hit and miss gardening methods, than flowers.
Then I had a massage. 
Then I picked up a friend’s daughter to babysit while she went out. We got dvds and chinese and had a great night.
What I didn’t do:
Take out the lawn mower or brushcutter. Plant the agapanthus we were given. Do any projects on my list.
At least I got one thing crossed off my arm long to do list. And speaking of arms. a day off and a massage has done it wonders. Well, its improved it a bit. Lets see how it holds up to grooming tomorrow.

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