day 7 -crossing things off

Yipee! I feel like I’ve done a heap today.
Maybe I have. I didn’t think I had till the end of the day when I actually had a few finished projects in front of me.
Firstly, I had dogs to groom yesterday, but I also managed to do face/feet/tail on Romeo. And clean his ears and do his nails. That’s two poodles with clean faces now. Much prettier. I can wait on the full body trim, but that bit was getting to me.
Then I turned a blind eye to the kitchen sink, the kitchen floor, and the grass which grew an inch as I looked at it, and got on with things. I took the sewing machine to the living room where I’m using an old school desk I added castors to as a craft desk.
To the background of 1.5 movies on the PVR I cut out and sewed covers for these chair cushions for a friend of mine. She’s really into the black and white cow theme, so I thought I’d give her something special for her kitchen. There are now 4 cushions with bows to tie to her chairs, and a pinboard covered in cowhide fabric as well.
I’m not a great sewer. I’ve always managed. Sometimes its more like ‘sew-unpick-sew-unpick’, but I get there in the end. Making cushion covers is easy though, so no unpicking required there. In the past, in my 50s rock’n’roll dancing days, I’d made dresses, full circle skirts and petticoats as well as shirts. These days I limit myself to straight lines – like curtains.
(Although, a full skirt petticoat is just straight lines too. Miles and miles of straight lines of gathered fabric…)
I had planned to make an apron as well but ran out of fabric. I have some black cotton if I can find it, same thickness as the cowhide stuff, so I may still be able to make a black apron with cowhide pockets. That would round off the gift a bit more, don’t you think?
Anyway, I think the pinboard and cushions will help give her kitchen the look she’s after.
Since I had the sewing machine out, I figured I may as well finally do the bandanas which have been on the to do list for months. I wanted to have these little bad boys done for the summer groom rush.
These are just cute little things I can put on freshly groomed dogs. I do make bows as well, but I’ve gotten a bit bored of them. Time for a new look for my customers! These little bandanas are cotton fabric cut with pinking shears, with ribbon stitched onto them as ties. I love the pirate ones – for daring dogs! You may notice the cowhide ones… (waste not, want not!)
There are still a stack of them to sew up but that will do for a while. Its a stack more than I had before!
Ok, so these weren’t on the To Do list I posted on Day 1, but trust me… they’ve been there for eons. If you’re anything like me, you cross one thing off your list and add another two…
Other than that, which though only 2 projects crossed off the list, still are quite an achievement. In fact, just taking the sewing machine into the living room and setting it up, filling bobbins with thread, etc is a huge step in getting through my To Do list. 
Funny isn’t it? The biggest step is the first step. 
Oh, and I also did a bit of work on the ongoing memory box I’ve been trying to fix up since I stuffed it up…
All round, its been a good day!
Note to self: Bring in ironing board. Ironing fabric on the couch cushions is bad for your back!

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