day 9 – so much work, so little to show for it

 It was a gorgeous day. We planned to get home early to feed the animals and relax a while. Didn’t happen.
I had a toothache/headache so I had to go to the dentist after work. 
Result: its not the new filling. It may not even be the tooth.
Am I stressed?
Isn’t everyone?

No, am I especially stressed right now?

Um. No… Yes.
We put tenants in my house in Fentonbury cause selling wasn’t happening. We thought it’d take a load off.
Since the new tenants have moved in we’ve had:
– the chimney top was blown off in strong winds. Twice. Get someone to go fix it. Mortar it in. Glue, sticky tape, whatever works.
– the cooktop wasn’t working properly. I had to buy a new one, in an uncommon size, so I had to order it in which took 4 weeks
– the electrician went up, looked, said it didn’t fit and left
– problems with overflow pipes, the plumber looked and went on a trip for 4 weeks and will fix it when he gets back
– get the septic emptied cause it was full
– the hot water pipe broke, plumber is away so I had to find an alternative plumber
– the hand held shower I bought to replace the one the previous tenants broke doesn’t fit… buy a spout for the bathtub instead
So, do you think I’m stressed? Clenching my jaw at night maybe?
Go back to wearing the mouthguard at night – see if it helps.
Back home, luckily it was still sunny. Thank dog for daylight saving. I helped feed animals, rug horses and then I got stuck into working website work. For hours.
So much for my creativite endeavours!
Here’s Rodney with three of his girls.
And here’s the old doghouse the ducks use as a nesting box.
There are 9 ducks, no idea where the others are right now. Probably sitting on eggs.
On the weekend Wayne put in a new fence and gate leading up to the back of our property cause the horses escaped. Here he is checking it.
 And here is Ben munching on grass while Dancer rests.
I’m loving daylight savings. It means that I get home and its not too cold to go out and spend some time with my boy. He’s finally beginning to fill out and he sure is a big boy. He’s 4 years old now and I think he’s still growing!
To recap –
Things I did:
Bonded with my horse, fed the dogs, cuddled poodles, hung out a load of washing, added a few more things to my to do list.
Things I didn’t do:
Almost everything else on the list.

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