day 10 – a good find

Today was another busy day, in the nicest possible way.

Wednesdays are my most creative day at work. I work with a group of clients and we make movies. We write scripts, I make/plan costumes and sets, they act and we all work together to film and edit.

Its a great, fun, demanding day.

But it was a long day cause we had a general meeting after work. There’s no rest for the wicked when you live on a farm. You get home and have to feed animals, rug horses, collect eggs, feed Wayne…

Not that I’m complaining… but I’ll tell you, other than get up and wash dishes in a minute, I ain’t planning on doing much at all tonight.


I can share this though. I found this book in an op shop a few weeks go and just loved it. It looks like it was printed in the 50s but has no date on it. Its mostly black and white inside with some colour pages. Its big, like a magazine at 10.5 in x 14 in and has 48 pages.

On the inside back cover it says its a Walter T. Foster ‘How to Draw’ book. Published by Foster Art Service, Inc in Laguna Beach Californis and printed in the USA.

Cool isn’t it? For some reason it reminds me of my childhood… the old fashion magazines I remember reading at my grandmother’s house on Paros.


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