day 13 – roadkill furniture and other finds

Today has been a great day. Mostly. It all started with a great find on the side of the road.
I was on my way to the work garage sale in Hobart when I spotted something on the side of the road. Was it alive? Was it dead? What kind of animal was it?
It wasn’t an animal at all! As I whizzed past I caught a glimpse of something timber with scalloped edges.
I braked so hard I almost sent poor Romeo into the middle of next week. I parked and ran back to find this beauty.
Someone was obviously taking it to the tip. See, the top is missing, broken off, maybe under a pile of rubbish at the tip as we speak.
It was wobbly, nothing tightening up and a bit of glue wont fix. And its got a few scrapes where it hit the asphalt. Just right for a shabby look. It was calling my name, thanking me profusely for rescuing it from a fate worse than death at the tip. Its promised me years of loyalty if I fix it up and give it a new top.
Not a bad way to start the day.
So, I did go to the garage sale, and took Romeo with me. He’s been to work with me a few times and some of the clients met him and ask me about him all the time. It was great to take him there and see some of them and give them a chance to see Romeo all grown up. Both Romeo and the clients loved it.
I got this from the garage sale – its metal but light and over 12in long.
From there we walked up the road to a church fair where I bought some home made jam and Romeo got more attention. He’s such a well behaved boy, more focussed on me than anything else. I could have him offlead and he wouldn’t leave my side.
After that I had a toy poodle puppy to do a show groom on, and back at home I had 2 more small mixed breed dogs to do. One a new customer and one a regular.
Then the day went downhill…
Did I mention to you that I have competition in town now? A dog grooming salon has opened in New Norfollk.
Well, to add insult to injury, I heard today that they’ve named the shop VALLEY DOGS.
This is my logo:
Its not a registered name as I have an ABN (Australian Business Number) for my name, not a particular business so I can groom or paint or whatever, but its what’s on my business cards and the name I’ve listed in the local directory!!!
In fact, I got a call on Friday from a lady who wanted me to groom her golden retriever next week. After booking her in she said ‘You’re in Willow Court, aren’t you?’ I said no, I was in Magra…
So… she obviously saw the sign they had out on the road in town and looked ‘them’ up in the local directory and got me. She booked in with me. 
What can I do? Do I have any rights given its not a registered name? I mean, I’ve been using it for 2 years now. Surely that counts for something. If they have registered the name as a business though… what do I do?
I’m not happy.

1 thought on “day 13 – roadkill furniture and other finds

  1. Happy or not – if they have registered the name, I think that you will have to change yours :-))

    Perhaps the two of you could “share” the workload – amalgamate??


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