day 12 – treasures

Today I thought I’d share some treasures I’ve collected over the last few weeks. I just can’t help myself.
I say I won’t buy anything else cause, to quote a wise friend (same wise friend who’s the list making expert), “until you start making/finishing things, its all just clutter”.
But such nice clutter.
Clutter with potential!
Anyway, above are some handles I found which are so tarnished they look gorgeous.
Then there’s the chess board with backgammon on the back. What will I do with that? No idea. It just looked nice at the time!
I loved this bowl. Simple and white. I bought it for no other reason.
This light fixture piece. I think the parts might come in handy. One day. For something. Maybe.
A flower press. I don’t press flowers, but I can start!
Or I can use it for something completely different. Who said it has to be a flower press forever?
Two old and rusty metal tool boxes.
Ahhh, the call of rusty metal. Loved these pieces and think they’ll make terrific somethings one day.
Now, how can you say no to this cute little wall shelf? Its gorgeous.
And you know my unhealthy obsession with old tools and rusty bits? Here are a couple of handles, another hand sander and a pair of shears of some sort to add to my collection of shears and old scissors.
Which I’ll put together in some kind of display one day. 

Last but not least… a Noddy book! When I saw it I just had to have it for my Benny boy.
Ben (my horse) was named Noddy by his original owners cause he has this habit of nodding his head when he’s excited.
So, back to business…
What I did today:
I put on a load of washing. Only another 512 to go. It was easier when I had two working washing machines in the laundry.
I posted an important letter.
I finished 2 suncatchers (did that last night, but since I’d already blogged I’m claiming it as an achievement for today).
I pooperscooped the yard. Collected eggs, fed horses and dogs. Washed dishes. That was a feat.
What I didn’t do:
Cook dinner. Put away groceries. Wayne did that. Groom a dog after work. I postponed that till tomorrow. 
Don’t they say ‘Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow?’
That’s not how it goes?

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