day 18 – suncatchers

Last night I ended up doing a little more than I expected. I stayed up till way past my bedtime and made two suncatchers. With another two to finish tonight, I’ve made 4 for the lady who ordered them. I figure if I can finish 2-3 more before I see her, she’ll have more to choose from.
These two are made using Wayne’s wire creations. The one above is delicate and pretty, a flower with clear and pinkish crystals. It’d look great hanging in a window.

The one below is centered around a flattened antique spoon which Wayne has added wire embelishments to. This one is about 12in long all together.
The other ones I’m working on are recycled and re-purposed items. Stay tuned.

What I did today:
I finally cleaned up the mess on the guest bed. When I removed the linen closet from the living room I ended up with a huge amount of doonas, sheets and blankets that needed a new home. This is a small house with small rooms and a huge living room. I only have one wardrobe in the guest room and its really small… I’m cutting down on the amount of doonas I have and will get some vacuum bags for underbed storage for what I keep.
In short: one thing ticked off the list – clean up the guest room and sort the bedding.
Actually, that’s two ticks. Yippee!
I also brought the ironing board in from the shed (we don’t iron in this house – its against our religion). That’s one tick off the sub-list in my make cushions and curtains from old flour sacks project.
Of course, before I can do anything I need to buy a new cover for it. The one on it is pretty disgusting… Its not handled the shed very well and I think mice might have been using the top of it as a lover’s lookout…
So one thing crossed off the list, one more added to it.

What I didn’t do:
Go back to the tip shop to pick up a couple of things I saw yesterday which I’m thinking I might need want.
Then again… I’m rethinking it now. Maybe I don’t want need them after all.

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