day 19 – shabby bustier

It all started out as an innocent browse through a tip shop.

Then this thing kind of leapt out at me.

A wire bustier thing. Gorgeous. I think its made to hang earrings on… Whatever. It was pretty.

Even prettier when I finished with it!

Now its not just an earring holder. It’s a work of art all on its own. It could hold its own in Marie Antoinette’s boudoir.

Yep. Another thing ticked off the list. Way to go!

What I did today:
I bought a new ironing board cover. I bought a couple of new paintbrushes. I had coffee with friends. I pooperscooped. I weeded. I pulled out a plant I didn’t want and planted some sage in its place. I watered the potted plants. Next I’ll have a shower cause weeding makes me itchy all over, then I’m making bruschetta for dinner. Yum.

What I didn’t do:
Buy chicken for the dogs. Buy black paint. Pay bills.

Tomorrow is another day.


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