day 20 – relax is a four letter word

Right about now you’re thinking “either she’s dyslexic or she can’t count”.
I’m neither. Sure, I’m not exactly great with numbers, but I’m not that bad. I can add up to 10.
All I’m saying is that sometimes it feels like ‘relax’ is a four letter word around here. To me anyway.
I’m always doing something, planning to do something, talking about doing something, thinking about doing something or watching TV.
What people (no names being mentioned here, but it starts with ‘W’ and ends in ‘ayne’) keep saying “Take some time off to just sit back and relax.”
What he doesn’t get is that I can’t. I can relax and read. I can relax and watch TV as long as I can fast forward through the ads or read a book while they’re on. I can relax and watch TV and bend wire and bead for suncatchers, or sew dog bandanas. Or using these flattened spoons and forks to make windchimes…
But I find it really really hard to just sit and relax.
I will, on occasion, go sit outside with Wayne and sit, surrounded by the horses and dogs and chat. That’s relaxing.
Doing creative things is relaxing. Like painting (a portrait or the walls), or making stuff. That is what I enjoy, so its relaxing to me.
I love grooming dogs, but its work, often hard work. I think I dislocated my thumb today stopping one anxious little boy from jumping off the grooming table. But when the dogs were all done for the day I made myself a frappe and took a beer out to Wayne who was working in the top paddock.
I took the poodles, Wayne had Barney and Mischa with him, and we talked and walked around and enjoyed the sun, which had decided to make an appearance about then.
I’m so proud of the poodles. Even Wayne commented on it today. For dogs who had never been around horses or chickens before we moved here, they’re doing so well (though we did have a steep learning curve during which we lost 4 chickens and 3 ducks). When I took them out into the paddock, they ran around, playing chase and kicking up their heels. The chickens and ducks were out, but they totally ignored them. 
Its funny to watch them around the horses though. They’ll be trotting along, spot a horse and quickly change direction. And Dancer… She’s a real mischievous little thing. She loves chasing the dogs. She’ll be pretending to munch on grass and she’ll suddenly take off, scattering poodles before her. 
This afternoon Mischa tried a new tactic. No way can Mischa outrun a horse – so instead she played dead. She just plonked herself on the ground and lay there. 
Dancer didn’t know what to make of it. She was totally stumped. She stood and sniffed Mischa a while, then lost interest. If it don’t run, it ain’t no fun.
Mischa looked up, saw Dancer look away, and skulked off quietly….
Anyway, back to the matter at hand…
What I did today:
Made french toast with bacon, banana and maple syrup for breakfast. Groomed dogs. Shared a few precious moments with my partner and our animals on our land.
Soon we’ll be going out for dinner with friends.
What I didn’t do:
Banking. Bills. Website work. Dishes. The bed. Anything else on my list.
Guess I better go do some of that now.

2 thoughts on “day 20 – relax is a four letter word

  1. LOL You doofus. Relaxing is also a creative JOB. But I do it like you do – sew or read or draw or bend or fold or whatever while relaxing in front of the tv (I only do that at my sister's…at my house, I hardly ever sit down in front of the tv). I even have craft projects going while using the computer. It does help to have those two extra arms I was forced to grow…LOL

    Love Mischa's playing possum trick! Smart girl!


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