day 29 – rusty horse shoes

What I did today:
I mowed the lawn.
I went to Fentonbury to have a look at what work needs to be done there, and organise it.
I visited the pacing trainer I bought Ben from and collected some rusty horse shoes. Cause you never know when you’ll need more rusty horse shoes.
I put off folding and putting away clothes. Again.
I groomed half a dog. Or should I say, I half groomed one dog. I put Romeo on the table and clipped the dirt off him. Its amazing how poodles are clean under the top layer of fur. Tomorrow is Montana’s turn. Then they’ll both get a wash. At least that’s the plan.
I bought a baby oak tree. Now to research where to plant it…
I made carbonara with minimum bacon. By necessity, not choice.

What I didn’t do:
Look at my To Do list. Time is ticking, we’re nearing the end of October and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the list.

Basically, I crossed off a couple of items and added 4 more.


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