day 30 – the beach

Yesterday was a glorious day. 23 degrees C, a light breeze… It was the kind of day when Hobart is the best place in the world to live.

It was also one of those days when I have the best job in the world. Yesterday was my 1:1 day with a client where we’re free to go out and enjoy the day. We went to Kingston Beach for a long walk on the sand and along a walking track.

Today its a bit cooler, a bit rainy, and tonight the temperatures will drop and the horses will have to put their pjs on for a few days again.

Got home late yesterday, meetings you know, and just didn’t feel like doing anything at all.

List some random number big enough to make you feel queasy.
Zefi nil.

Ok. Not quite, but close enough.

What I did do:
I took the dogs for a run in the paddock and laughed at their antics.
Spent some time rubbing Ben’s tummy.
Clipped off Montana and did 1/2 a groom on her as well. You could say I’ve now groomed one entire standard poodle…
Watched Mischa find the dead baby blackbird I tossed over the fence the other day, in an entire paddock, and roll in it.
I had another close encounter with the dead baby blackbird as I relocated its remains.

What I didn’t do:
Wash poodles.
Clip and wash Barney.
Fold the washing. I did move it to a place the dogs can’t sleep on it. Does that count as a tick?

Turns out I also unwittingly gave Barney a forbidden treat.

When I got home I put my bag on the floor in the corner of the office, forgetting I had a small organza bag in it (from the wedding) with 5 chocolate hearts in it.

While getting ready for bed I found an empty (and strangely undamaged) organza bag on the floor and one tiny bit of red foil. That’s all that remained.

We’re looking forward to finding the ‘decorated’ poop in the yard over the next couple of days.


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