it started as a square twig wreath

It all started when I was making wedding decorations for a friend’s wedding. I thought a lovely square wreath, with a sign inside it (their names and wedding date) would be a nice decoration for the church and for them to keep.

But somewhere along the way something just didn’t work. This is what it looked like back then – willow twigs as the main frame, smaller eucalyptus twigs as the decoration, twisted willow twigs with beads wired around them…  wire hearts and jute twine.

I wasn’t happy with it. Even when I added the rusty coat hanger and crystal heart, it lacked something. So I did what any self respecting artist does when something isn’t working – I set it aside.

Then the other day I was inspired. I’d been cutting and painting chalkboards for other projects when I thought a chalkboard would finish this little beauty and make her practical as well as pretty!

I apologise for the photos. The lighting wasn’t the best and the sharpness factor just isn’t up to scratch. However, you get the idea. Lets just say I’ve used a filter to create softness… Yeah, lets say that!
This is what it looks like now, a pretty and unusual chalkboard.

Something you could put on the front door or in the entry to welcome visitors.

Or maybe write messages of love. I don’t think this pretty little thing is the shopping list type of chalkboard. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… I’m just saying.


This wreath was sold at the Shabby Market I took part in. It went to a great home… a young lady bought it for her wedding. Ideal! 🙂

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