the op shop rooster

Nothing says “country living more” than a rooster.
Chickens, of course. Rabbits. Cows. Sheep… and pigs….
But we’re talking about a rooster, so for the purposes of this post, a rooster is the most country-fying item you can have in your home.
So, what do you think of this little guy?

When I found him in an op shop this is what he looked like:
Ok for some I guess, but definitely not my cup of tea. However the size and shape appealed to me. He just needed some minor surgery and a facelift.
Can you spot the surgery?
Look here:

And now look here:
Did you see it? 
The comb! The way it was before he looked more like a cassowary than a rooster. I had to get out the new Rennovator tool Wayne bought me, put on the appropriate attachment, and alter the shape of the comb.
Much better even if I do say so myself!
He then had to undergo several stages of painting – undercoat, white, pink, then white again. Another of my home-made mixes: ceiling paint with some artist acrylic to tint it to a soft creamy antique white.

A little sanding, a little glaze to bring out the details and give him that old ‘much loved’ look, and voila.
A new rooster!

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