hearts of wire and lace

I’ve been having a love affair with hearts lately. And wire. And lace. And burlap for that matter, but more on that later.
Here are some wire hearts I’ve made recently.

One day I found myself feeling a bit bored and there was some wire in my hands. I ended up making a few wire hearts.
So I grabbed some odds and ends and decorated the hearts. I used anything I had on hand: lace ribbon, satin ribbon, tulle, pearl beads, doilies, whatever.
Every one is different of course, cause I use whatever I have and cause I am easily bored of doing the same thing repeatedly.
When I ran out of the wire hearts I went on to the rusty coat hanger hearts I’d made a few months ago (when I’d found some rusty coat hangers in a pile of rubbish in our back paddock).

The rusty coat hanger hearts are much bigger than the wire hearts, but they are just as gorgeous.
The smaller hearts might make fantastic christmas decorations, or just as embellishments for any shabby decor, don’t you think? 
I know I’m sold on them.
I’ll be including these in my market stall next weekend!
Don’t forget to come to the market!

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