simple christmas decorations

I’m not all that into the big traditional Christmas thing. I’ve never had a Christmas tree since I moved out of home. It seemed rather pointless when living on my own. Then, later, something small and slightly offbeat seemed a better way to decorate the house for Christmas.
This year I had some bedsprings I wanted to do something with. I bought some wooden stars and put them together to make these:
Aren’t they gorgeous? So simple yet so interesting!
Well, I took them to the market with me thinking I would sell them. I’d keep one for myself and sell the others….
It seems I’m the only person who finds these little beauties irresistable. One person picked one up and looked at it, not even asking for a price. No one else even seemed to notice them! 
How strange.
Maybe it was meant to be. I mean, I loved them so much I was torn over selling them in the first place. Maybe fate steered everyone away from them so I could keep them.
Then again maybe it was the way I growled when anyone went near them that put people off!
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3 thoughts on “simple christmas decorations

  1. I think they're beautiful!! In fact, I have a whole box of springs and I'm going to make a few of these for ME!! I'm thinking about some turquoise paint & a glittery star for my craft room window ledge. Thanks for the idea!

    Debby in Andover, Kansas USA


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