the shabby market

The Shabby Market has come and gone. Some of my things came and went with it, others went away forever to new homes.
I’m actually really happy with how I went with my first market stall ever. But I learned a few things along the way too.
For one thing, I suck at setting up a stall. Sure, my stuff is all so different it makes it hard to set things up with any kind of uniformity. On the other hand, I simply suck at putting things together in a way that makes sense and displays things to their best advantage in 1.5hrs.
Another thing I learned was that the layout of the stall I chose was probably not the best. I had to set it out in a manner which allowed people access to the window where I had the suncatchers and windchimes hung. Next time I’ll make a ‘tree’ of some sort to hang them off. As it was, people had to enter and walk around my U shaped stall to see everything and when I wanted to wrap something I had to kneel on the floor struggling with paper and rummaing under tables for sticky tape and string.
Not a pretty sight.
Next time I’m going to do it differently.
I’ll be more organised. I’ll start labelling, pricing and packing the week before the market.
I’ll set up a table to wrap on and a chair to sit on that’s not in the way.
Next time I’ll find a way to display things in a way that people can see them better.
Still, all in all, I did pretty well and sold lots. Even traded a couple of things with other stall holders!
The market was a success. Lots of people came despite the fact that it was an unusually hot day for Hobart and was so windy most of the outdoor stalls had to pack up early. 
It was the first Shabby Market as well, so not its not yet well known, still we had quite a few people go through. 
The hall looked fabulous with the stalls and the banner made especially and the way it was laid out. It was a great day and I loved meeting some of the ladies I’d only ever seen on Facebook.
I’ll definitely be doing this again.
But next time I’ll be more organised.

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