getting the christmas spirit

It was evading me for a while there.
I mean, it was really absent. I wanted to close up the house, park the car around the back, and pretend I wasn’t home.
It wasn’t a ‘bah humbug’ kind of thing. Just a ‘really tired and worn out’ kind of thing.
However, I seem to be snapping back to my usual hyperactive self. If the fact that I can no longer sleep at night is any indication…
This is what it was like inside my head for the past two nights:

I must clean the house. Vacuum. Might be easier to rip up and replace the carpet at this stage, its so dirty in there. Presents are wrapped. Where will I put the table for us to eat on? I have enough chairs… Should I re-arrange the living room furniture (run through 31 scenarios of where to move what). I really want to make the smallest room into a walk in wardrobe. How to do it? Should I try to build my own our of pallets or MDF? Adapt other objects (old doors, hardware shelving, old lockers)? Will 2 salads be enough for tomorrow or should I make a pasta salad as well? I need to find my bottle holder for a centrepiece on the table. Its in the shed. I think. That shed needs sorting out. Should I use that to store larger projects waiting to be worked on? The lawn really needs mowing. Are the baby birds out of the nests yet? Found another unfeathered dead one on the lawn last night. I want to remove the nests so I can clean the house and start painting. My office is a mess. Gotta change all the throws over the couches. And wash the dogs…
Its exhausting being me.
I’ve just been so tired lately that I’ve had no desire (or energy) to tackle anything at all. But somehow, a couple of days ago I recaptured the need to be creative. I took out the old broken gateleg table my first tenants had left behind and started mending it planning to use it as a dining table for Christmas. Then, since I had only a bit of a tin of Stain Cover left and it was on the edge, I undercoated two kitchen chairs which have been waiting to be painted for about a year. I also went through some booty I’d collected from trips to op shops and tip shops over the last month or so. 
I’m back!
What really got the christmas juices flowing however, was going to my friend Amanda’s yesterday and making three batches of melomakarona! These delicious traditional greek christmas sweets are one of my favourite. I helped mom make them many times as I grew up but have only made them myself 3 times counting yesterday.
Here is the recipe I use and, let me tell you, its delicious and easy!

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