christmas eve

…and all through the house, not a creature was stirrring…
.. wait. I hear the clinking of a spoon as Wayne finishes his dessert.
The dogs are flaked out all over the floor.
The table is set and all pretty for Christmas. (Love my op shop dishes)
I finished the gateleg table (sort of) so we can have a proper christmas dinner at a table somewhere other than in the kitchen.
Not that we have enough room in our living room for a table. I’ve had to move the couch back to Layout 101 to put the table in there. You’d think having one very big room would mean you have tons of space for everything… but we don’t. The wood heater takes up some space. Wayne’s office in the living room takes up more space… I dry clothes by the heater in winter.. we have two 3 seater couches and 2 recliner armchairs and 2 coffee tables. Its a miracle we can walk in there.
Anyway, back to the table… It was left at my house after the first lot of tenants left. It was broken and the glue holding the slats together has ‘let go’. I’ve fixed it for now but left the top as it was. I finished painting the legs, distressing it just enough to look natural. I also finished the two chairs so we have a non-matching set of 4 now.
(Yes, there are only 2 chairs at the table right now… I’m aware of that.)
The table settings is simple. Burlap placemats, lavender sprigs from our garden, tags and twine holding cutlery.
The house is clean (ok… well MOST of it is – as my mother would say ‘all the mother in law would see’ is clean).
I’ve forbidden Wayne from making a mess, from using the kitchen, from being inside…
Ok. Not that, but I made dinner so I wouldn’t have to clean up another mess. The one I cleaned earlier was more than enough, thankyouverymuch.
The pressies are on display in my minimal token nod to christmas – on the shelves in the living room.

This year I’ve gone for stencils on plain brown wrapping paper. For Wayne I’ve just numbered the presents so he opens them in the right order. The dangly thing is apparently mine – a whole lot of little parcels joined together on a string. Can’t wait to open them!
In case you’re wondering about the grey square on the wall… Well… when we moved in I chose that dark grey colour for a feature wall at the far end of the living room. I love it. Everyone who sees it loves it. The rest of the room is painted in that ‘meant to be light grey but looks more like light blue in that room’ colour. I don’t like that so much. 
I wanted a wall with shelves to put framed photos on display. I got some pine, cut it to size, painted it, got some decorative brackets, put them up… then thought, hm. That looks a bit plain. So I painted in a dark grey square behind the shelves.
Its different…
So. Resting now.
Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!

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