junk finds

Over the last few months I’ve quietly been adding to my collection of junk. I’ve been so busy, however, that I didn’t have time to actually sort through it, photograph it or decide what to work on or how.
The other day, being on holidays and all that, I finally got the chance to go through my booty and take photos which I thought I’d share.
The one downside is that I bought a milk bottle carrier from the tip shop and I can’t find it anywhere. I know I bought it. I remember it clearly. I was thrilled to find it cause I was picturing it on the table as a centrepiece, jam jars where the milk bottles would be, holding cutlery, napkins and lavender… or holding my blue sea glass bottles with flowers…
But its nowhere to be found. And I’ve searched repeatedly.
I’m holding out hope… barely. Maybe its somewhere under something, behind something in the shed…
Fingers crossed.
So, meanwhile, let me share these finds with you.
A very large wooden bowl, one of the wooden bowls I’ve added to my project list. This would look great painted and holding fruit on my table…
An interesting brass trivet. One of a few…
I got tons of frames of various sizes. I just adore the print in this one.
And I love the vintage photo in this one. I think I’m keeping her. I can pretend she’s my mother as a little girl… She looks like my mother might have looked. Heck… she looks like me so she must be related!
I got tons of old books. Love this little booklet. Oh so many things I could do with this…

And this tin lid. No tin, just the lid, but how gorgeous is this?
A sample of the tons of miscellaneous junk I’ve added to my collection… I love my junk. Things to hang off my dangles… and the tape measure! They are so hard to get at a decent price around here.
I love old tools and old bits and pieces…. that old level is just gorgeous. That makes 2 old levels now. One will go in my vintage tool display, the other I have big plans for.
I see another hand sander dangle in my future… and more egg cup bird cages. I now have a substantial collection of both dangle and birdcage materials. I just need to get working.
Now how could I leave this pretty little doorstop piggy behind?
More rusty bits. I love rusty bits. No idea what they are, but I know what I’ll use them for and that’s what counts.
I have one word for this little silver dish: birdcage!
And I see an extra large wind chime in the future for this:
Wayne got me some of these things (the man may complain about my junk collection, but he knows me well!). He got me this little spice rack too. Now I know I can use this for something other than spices… not sure what, but it will come to me.
Love old tins. This still has the protractor in it.
A french book and an old tray. Just one of the trays I got. And just one of the many vintage books I got.
This was a gift from a friend – an old rake head. Love it.
If you think about it, I must be so easy (and cheap) to buy gifts for. Old, chippy and rusty will do it every time.
Like this tiny little wood plane – it doesn’t work but who cares?
I plan to use a lot of the old tools to make another display to match my old shears display. I have two more shallow crates and it wont take me long to put them together. I think they’d look great in the mud room or on the deck with some hooks to hang often-used working tools. 
I just have to get organised.
Easy to say. Not so easy to do!

With the heat lately I’ve been too wiped out to even sit in the living room in front of a fan and create. I do not cope well with the heat. I managed to strain my arm doing the tiny bit of gardening I did so even hand sewing was out of the question on the hot days.

When its not too hot I have plans on jobs to do outside that I have so far successfully managed to avoid.

For instance I’ve been talking about removing the bird nests from around the house so I can start washing/painting the house and porch railing… Yesterday while ‘researching’ and ‘planning’ I noticed a dead bird’s head hanging out of the roof. Great. Better get that out today before it stinks up the office…

Better go. Its still coolish outside. Maybe I should go look over what I could be doing. Then figure out a way to avoid it.


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