smokin’ hot

This was the view from our front porch 2 nights ago. The bushfire started at Lake Repulse by idiot campers who didn’t put out a campfire (great name for a holiday destination huh? “Hey honey, lets go to Lake Repulse for a weekend getaway”….) spread down towards Ellendale and all the way down to Bushy Park. 
Fortunately for me, Fentonbury was spared although the fire went within 1 kilometre of the house.
The smoke has been hanging around the entire Derwent Valley and Hobart for days now, but we’ve been lucky. Nothing like what happened with the fires down south where a whole town burned down and thousands of people had to be evacuated by boat cause the roads were all closed. People had to stand in the sea to escape the flames which burned right down to the beach.
Its wierd. Here I am watching the news, seeing images of the fires and thinking “that doesn’t look that bad, they’re just small fires”… nothing like the huge fireballs in Victoria a few years ago which burned out King Lake and killed so many people. Compared to those fires, these were piddling little fires.
Seems the size of the fire doesn’t have to be so BIG to do a ton of damage…
We’ve been fine here but it really does make you realise that there are certain things you should have when you choose to live in the country. For instance, on Wind Dancer Farm we have bore water so we have ample water to defend our house and our animals. But without power we’d be lost like everyone else. We really need to buy a generator to run the pump. Cause if there was a fire in our valley we’d have to give serious consideration to what we’d choose to do… if a fire was coming down the hill behind us and our road out was clear, we could just leave. We could take the dogs, but what about the horses?
If a fire was coming up from below us and closed off the road, we’d have no choice but to stay and fight. And to do that we’d need the pump to work.
Since we have pasture around the house and very few trees we think we could easily fight a fire around the house using our irrigation system.
We just need a generator.
Shopping list: 
1 petrol generator.

2 thoughts on “smokin’ hot

  1. A generator could work if you can easily connect the bore pump to it, Zefi, & is safe from fire. Our tank water runs from a connection I could easily unplug & plug into a Jenny right here at the back door, & together with the stand alone fire pump which we can haul around to the other tank/water source would pump water till either the water or the fuel runs out, thus protecting both sides of the property… They have a Honda example in the paper for sale under $600… We need a new one & I could see a portable jenny would be handy to keep that xtra water source going, however, if Friday's conditions were repeated here, I can't see even this 'defendable' home being safe & we'd probably be wiser to get the hell out before hell came to stay… Our friend's house down @ EHN is within 1/2K of the fire front now, with no way to reach the home to save what they can or douse it with the copious water stored – this is where a mate with a boat would be appreciated, in lieu, all you can do is hope for the best… Let's trust the weather is calming down, although it's 33 here today, so hardly cool. Stay safe… GRHT X


  2. Well, up till a few minutes ago it was cool enough on the shade of the front porch with the breeze coming through, so I was outside painting undercoat on the addition (the mud room). Its now suddenly too hot to be out there. I will speak to W about a pump and we'll decide what to do. We have 3 very large sprinkers we use to water the paddocks and if we placed those around the house we could keep the area wet enough to hopefully get us through any danger. We would hope! Hopefully we'll never have to put that to the test!


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