yeah, no…

There’s a very common expression here in Australia which kinda doesn’t make sense when you first hear it…
“Yeah, no.”
You hear it everywhere. Confusing? Not really. Its pretty simple – it means “Yes, I hear you, but no, I don’t agree.”
Merrill said it the other day and that’s when she realised she’d been living in Australia too long. I, on the other hand, have been saying it for so long I’ve lost track…
The weather has cooled down a lot since since the heatwave of last week which left me in a puddle in front of a fan and an evaporative cooler. On Tuesday I had to stop painting when the paint flew off my brush in the wind. And yesterday it was downright cold outside.
Today its meant to be 20-26 degrees, overcast and possibly some early showers… I hope for no showers as I want to get out and start painting again. But its still pretty cool and very windy. 
How do house painters do it? If I was a house painter I’d starve to death. I think I’d only be able to work about 10 days out of 365…
Speaking of painting, I started a commission yesterday since it was a non-house-painting day.
This is a portrait of a friend’s dogs. I’m doing this in return for 2 adirondack chairs and a matching table which her husband makes. Cool swap huh?
This is stage 1 of the portrait:
And this is one of the chairs he makes. Mine will be painted solid turquoise and will sit on our deck facing the dam.
We visited their house on New Year’s Eve for the first time. She has a cute little ‘secret garden’ thing happening which I love.
A cray pot with a cute tiny ivy growing through it houses a family of wrens. I took some of that ivy but I don’t think any of it survived the heatwave… 😦
A few cute weathered fence paling bird houses hang in arbours or off trees.
Cute fountains here and there..
Driftwood sculptures and washed up marine objects decorate the garden – what else would you have in a seaside cottage?
I better go outside and check the wind strength vs my ability to keep paint on my brush.


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