house painting – taking the first step

Well, I finally got started doing something productive on my holiday. Like painting the house. The outside of the house.
Ever since we moved here I’ve wanted to paint the house a different colour to the one it is currently. I don’t particularly like that creamy yellow colour every other house seems to be painted. Like there’s been a huge sale on that colour for the last 15 years…
It took me a while to pick the colour I wanted and I spent many drives dangerously paying more attention to the houses on either side than the road ahead. I’d gone for a pale grey green for my house in Fentonbury and I still love that colour, but I wanted something different this time. More grey… but a warm grey.
I found a house I absolutely loved one day and I’d found my colour! I put a note in the letterbox asking the owners if they knew the name of the colour. Surprisingly, I got an email letting me know the colour was Wattyl White Pepper. Fantastic. 
Step 1 accomplished. I had the colour of my dream home.
Of course, our house is downright ugly compared to the house of my inspiration, but with the addition of the porch and the new enclosed mud room its not quite as bad as it used to be, though there’s no chance it will win any beauty contests any time soon.
So, I had my colour picked out. All I had to do was wait till my holiday to get started. 
Then I had to wait till the Christmas busy-ness was over.
Then I had to wait for the weather to get better.
I finally started working on it after the worst of the heat wave was over. First I had to evict quite a few birds from their nests. Then I got out the high pressure water cleaner and hosed down the south side of the house (the short, shady side).
First I undercoated the raw timber on the mud room and the blue aluminium window frames on the south side.
Today I started the first topcoat on the newly undercoated mudroom walls. I was doing great till the wind picked up so much it blew paint right off my brush. When it started drizzling I knew it was time to stop for the day.
Only in Tasmania can we go from 33 degrees one day to cold the next. 
The dogs, of course, were there to help me every step of the way!

More pics to come as I get more done.


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