losing a friend…

… but gaining a place to visit.
Merrill is on her way to her new home in Victoria right now.
She decided that the climate in Tasmania didn’t suit her health-wise and that the artist inside her was crying for an environment more conducive to creating.
Here’s hoping that Victoria is that environment.
It does sound lovely… and the adventure! I envy her the excitement of a new home, a new place, meeting new people. I think its a wonderful opportunity and glad she decided to go for it.
I convinced her to start a blog so I set one up for her this afternoon. Take a look and tell me what you think:
I’ll let her explain the title.
Meanwhile I’ve been feeling rather seedy lately. I’ve been flirting with the flu for about a week now – I got the sore throat, the headache, the chills, the dry coughing which keeps me up half the night. I didn’t get the fever luckily.
As a result though, I haven’t done much. Then again, I could blame Merrill and having a guest for not getting anything done…
Or the fact that Wayne’s away so I have to do everything around here on my own. Nothing makes you appreciate the other person as much as taking on their chores.
I got home yesterday and spent 2.5 hours feeding chickens, horses, dogs and ducks, burying a wallaby one of my dogs killed in the morning, turning on the pump and watering the paddocks, flipping to the other pump to fill the tank, watering the vegie patch…
I was exhausted by the end of it. 
What made things take longer was the fact the Ben is down the road currently, at boot camp. He’s with a friend who’s teaching him manners and giving him experience having someone on his back (and not throwing them off).
Here’s hoping I get a horse I can actually ride at the end of it.
However, having him down the road adds to the chores as I have to drive down and feed him twice a day… not as easy as walking down to the paddock to feed the horses.
So I have nothing new to share. No new projects. No new decorating or crafting. I did manage to sort the lids in the plastics cupboard. I was sick of the mess in there so I used two ice cream tubs to hold lids.
Nothing too exciting.
Next item on the agenda: organise the pots cupboard and the lids in there…
and organise the pantry…
Baby steps…

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