no rest for the wicked

I was so looking forward to a couple of days at home, back to normal, no more guests, just me, Wayne, the dogs and the endless chores.
He’s back, so tonight I only have to do half the chores. Phew. Soon I’ll get up off my butt and go feed the dogs, go down to feed and rug Ben, then return to let Wally out of the corral where he eats his dinner.
I thought I had a couple of days of catching up ahead of me. Time to clean the house (again). Do some washing (again). Attempt to organise the office (again). Finish the painting of the two dogs (finally). And start a new crafting project or three.
For my sanity – you know. Me without some crafting project in my hands is a recipe for disaster. Bad things happen when I get crafting/decorating/DIY withdrawals.
I have some yarn lined up to attempt fork pom pom flowers as inspired by Ecclectically Vintage…
I mean, how cute are they?
I want to tidy my pantry using the 99.99% method of recycling and upcycling and doing it the ‘el cheapo’ way… using jars, plastic containers and cardboard boxes and lots and lots of labels.
But no.
I’ll be going training tomorrow.
At least its a fun day of Safety Circle (are YOU inside the circle of safety? Hell no. I use chairs to reach high places and paint the house balanced on the top rung of a ladder…) and Sign Language. Both great topics.
I don’t mind training when its something interesting… I get to spend time with people I actually like, cause really, I like almost everyone I work with… and even the ones I might not want to invite over for dinner, I like enough to spend a day with.
Meanwhile, I found a great blog while following links today.
Mandi. I love her! She’s me in a parallel universe, with kids and a much better sense of humour.
Or maybe she’s who I wanted to be.
Minus the kids.
Or maybe we were twins, separated at birth and born years and a continent or two apart.
Who knows.
All I know is she’s my hero! I do believe her blog will help me sort out my own life in some strange way.

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