a different kind of horse

I’ve had these photos for ages and found them while tidying up my desktop today. I just have to share cause I think this is incredible work.

One day, a long time ago, I drove down the Cygnet and as I came around the bend and looked down the hill I saw a horse grazing in a paddock just outside town. As I got closer the horse started to looks strange… see through, ghostly…

It was made of barbed wire!

Since then they’ve moved the horse to just inside town, outside a gallery on the main street. I’m so sorry I didn’t get a photo of it in the paddock. The weatherboards don’t do it justice. In a paddock it looked like a real horse, here its just a sculpture.

Even so, its an incredible piece of work. I have no idea who made it or who owns it, but its beautiful. All made of wire and metal.

How cool is that? I think we need one of these for our paddock. And a couple of corregated iron cows. And a corregated iron poodle of course.


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