chipped paint, old motorcycles and good coffee

There’s nothing better than a good coffee.
And there’s nothing better than a good coffee in a great environment.
I lived in Melbourne for about 20 years and Melbourne’s full of cafes with atmosphere. If I was to be honest, one of the things I miss most about living in Melbourne would be the cafes… breakfast at a retro cafe on Brunswick Street, or a lazy brunch at a cafe on Sydney Road a short walk from my flat, catching up with friends after work or after a long roller blade in a cool cafe in St Kilda…
There are a few nice cafes here in New Norflolk and around Hobart, but its always great to discover another.
A few weeks ago a new place opened near work. Its called Moto Vecchia and I thought it was going to be a motorcycle shop. 
I was half right.
Its a cafe in a big cement-floored room filled with old furniture that wouldn’t be out of place at my grandmother’s house, and old motorcycles which could have come from my grandfather’s shed.
Natalina, the owner and chef, told me it was a tribute to her family and told me a bit about her grandparents who came to Australia as a young couple many years ago. It struck a cord with me, I remember the stories my parents would tell of their early days here. 
I also knew exactly how it felt to be the ‘wog’ kid in school, having a lunchbox full of home made bread, cheese, fresh tomato and boiled eggs for lunch while the aussie kids ate vegemite sandwiches. 
I still remember how embarrassed I’d be when mom would pull out her checkered tea towels and spread out our lunch in public: small fried meatballs, boiled eggs, olives, chopped up tomatoes and cheese, rolled vine leaves. All I wanted was to go buy a pie from the shop like everyone else. I didn’t want to be stared at, I wanted to fit in.
Nowadays I’d kill for one of mom’s lunches.
How the world has changed.
Anyway, if you’re ever in Rosny, drop in and check it out. Its worth it.
This old motorbike is from the 1920s, sorry about the blurry photo.
This tiny children’s bike hangs on a wall.
Its normal to have a motorbike next to your lounge suite.

3 thoughts on “chipped paint, old motorcycles and good coffee

  1. Hey Zeffi Natalina here. Thankyou for validating my sentiments exactly. I love my Italian culture and love sharing it with friends and my community. It is always a pleasure to see you pop in to MV. Take Care Natalina


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