swimming without wetsuits

Its not a greek island, but it sure is beautiful, huh?
This is the beach at Opossum Bay, down south of Hobart. We went to visit our friends down there yesterday and, naturally, it was a cool, windy, cloudy and otherwise “not swimming” type of day.
But we swam anyway. I mean, we were there! And lately I’ve been dreaming of Greece. A lot. In fact, some of my dreams are more like nightmares.
In the nightmares I’m on Paros and the weather is cold or rough or I’m too busy and I never get to the beach. Its like “wont swim today, maybe tomorrow”… I wake up so depressed. I was on Paros and I didn’t get in the water.
Now, I guess you have to know me to know how that would be a nightmare. I live in the water in summer when I’m in Greece. Maybe I’m part fish. My idea of the perfect greek holiday is to wake up early, get to beach by 10am or earlier, while its still fresh and cool out, grab myself an umbrella and lounge chair (you hire those by the day) and stay there all day.
I order coffee from the nearest bar, buy water as needed, eat fruit I bring with me if I’m hungry and spend the entire day reading and swimming, drying off and getting wet again. In the shade of the umbrella. I still turn as brown as a berry, but except for time spent in the water I never really sunbathe.
Its amazing that I chose to live inland, in the country really, considering how much I love the water. The best explanation I can think of is that Greece has always been the sea for me where Australia has always been country. I love the Australian countryside more than I love its beaches. They’re rough, huge waves which terrify me and, lets not forget… sharks!
Plus Tasmanian waters are legendary for being cold. We could see the icebergs from the beach. Ha. 
So when we went to Anna’s beach (not Opossum Bay beach but another one nearby) and the water was calm with gentle lapping waves and I could see the sand and shells in the sand in the water, it was the closest I’ve come in a long time to the beaches of Greece. I can imagine on a sunny hot day it would be heaven.
I even started to think about selling up and buying a place down there. Imagine living close enough to the beach to walk the dogs down there every day like Anna does, and swim as often as you like. Imagine being able to submerse yourself in cold water to cool your blood down on hot days!
Wayne and I both braved the water without wetsuits and, actually, after the initial shock to the system it was fine. Beautiful in fact. Have I mentioned how much I love being in the sea?
They’re predicting 35 degrees C tomorrow. 
I’m thinking of going to visit Anna again.
Better go wash out the bathing suits and dry them so I can take them to work tomorrow!
PS I also did some shopping while down there. More on that later!

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