blindingly blue chairs

Yesterday we picked up my new adirondack chairs.
When I chose the colour for them I wanted them dark dark navy blue. Deep and rich. I took home swatches and compared and deliberated…
And I STILL got it wrong!
Does this look like rich dark blue to you?
To me it looks like a vibrant cobalt blue.
This is what the swatch looks like:

Sigh. It looked dark blue to me.

On the chairs: vibrant blue. Greek island blue.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that… just, its not the blue I was going for. And it cost a ton as well cause its an ultra deep base. AND I have a ton of it left over.

It might be the fact that I chose gloss paint and the surface of the chairs is slightly ridged. They’re made out of treated pine so they can be left outside in the weather and not get ruined. That’s also why I chose gloss paint… easier to wipe bird poop off.

Still, I guess I can live with them for now. Maybe if I put the over on the dam side of the porch, where there’s no roof and they’ll be exposed to the sun and rain, they’ll dull down a bit.

I love them… They’re great chairs. Really comfy and well made. But so bright! Ugh. Maybe I should have just stuck to white. Can’t go wrong with white….
You may have noticed the flour sacks making another appearance as cushions. Can’t leave them outside when we’re not home though. Romeo would use them as chew toys and Montana and Barney would sleep on them. White and dog prints don’t mix well.
I found this cute little ex wire birdhouse. It used to have some sort of fibre stuff on it but that’s long gone. There’s still some bird poop on it though. I love the wonkiness of it. I’ll be doing something with this soon.
Meanwhile I mentioned shopping, did I not? Well, lately I’ve been on a mission to get a sink into the mud room. Outside the toilet.
The toilet is small and cause of the way the door swings and the window, there’s no space for a tiny sink in there. Plus Wayne has huge hands, can you imagine him trying to wash his hands in a sink the size of an espresso cup?
I’ve never minded the fact that our toilet is off the mud room (it used to be outside!), but I’ve hated that in order to wash your hands after using the ‘facilities’ you have to walk through the mud room, through the entry/pantry area, through the kitchen, into the hallway and into the bathroom. Now (well, soon) we’ll be able to wash our hands right after doing our business. What a novel experience for us!
So, in my quest for the perfect sink I looked at quite a few online. I looked for 2nd hand of course. I found a nice looking ensuite sized one for $30 but wasn’t sure without seeing it. I found a really nice looking pale blue cast iron and enamel one nearby but when I tried to go see it, turned out the house was on top of the mountain and I almost had a heart attach when my wheels started to spin on a tight uphill bend.
My car doesn’t have good traction.
See, I’d arranged for our plumber to come over this morning to do some work and fit the new sink while he’s here. Plus the new gooseneck tap for the kitchen sink. I hate low taps in kitchens. Bad enough I only have a single tub sink but to have a low tap as well was like adding insult to injury.
I lived with it for 2 years. It was time.
In the end, with the plumber’s visit looming and no sink to be found, I dragged Wayne to Bunnings yesterday and had him pretend to wash his hands in a couple of smaller sinks to try them out. (He loved that!)
I ended up buying a pretty little squarish sink for $99, plus whatever for the tap.
Then we traipsed off to visit Anna, pick up the chairs her husband made, give her the painting I’d done, had a swim etc. While having fish and chips for lunch at Opossum Bay, I noticed a note in the window which said “pedestal sink, good condition $20, see John” and an address just around the corner.
Everyone started to tease me. I’d spent over $100 on my sink and I could have gotten that one, etc.
Don’t mess with me. They didn’t think I’d go…
I did.
John was the sweetest stooped little old man, he showed me the sink in his shed, telling me it came from the bungalow in his back yard which the kids had renovated and replaced everything old with new stuff. He said he hadn’t wanted to advertise it but a sign in the shop was enough, he only need to find the “right person, someone just like you who loves old things”.
So I bought it.
Being me, I also bought a solid timber door he had in the shed. It was right behind the sink. I looked at the sink, said I’d come back with the trailer and get it and btw, would he sell me the door? We think it might be huon pine. Great value at $20!
The sink isn’t plumbed in yet, (I had cleaned it, but dirty boots got it!) we forgot its a public holiday and when the plumber came up he couldn’t buy the bits and pieces he needed to finish the job. He’ll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile I undercoated the back wall so it would be easier to paint later.
The timber in that area is old timber from piles we found in the paddock. Wayne re-used all the best bits to line out that room. I’ll need to re-undercoat it to stop the wood stains from coming through, but it should be ok.
By tomorrow afternoon we’ll have a usable sink in the mudroom. 

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2 thoughts on “blindingly blue chairs

  1. I know the blue chairs aren't the color you envisioned, but they're much prettier than you described and I ADORE them! THAT is a great color for mine! Send me that paint! (I wish!).

    Love the sink! It will be ideal for the area!


  2. I love your blog and your laid back style. The chairs look great. I know that they aren't the color you were thinking but for outside chairs I love the bright color. Also, LOVE the flour sack cushions.


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