sag drag and fall

I am so tired.
I finally got up on that ladder and painted under the eaves on the east side of the house so that side is now finished.
Well… almost finished. I still have to paint the window surrounds and nail the wire up to keep the birds out. I can hear one scratching around in the ceiling over my desk as I type…
I still have two more sides to paint the high bits, under the eaves, the window surrounds and the rails. And adding wire to keep out birds.
Then I have to consider oiling or staining the deck…
It never ends.
I used to flip flop and fly but now I sag drag and fall. (lyrics from an old rockabilly song).
My neck and upper back ache from balancing precariously on the ladder and reaching above my head to paint. My hair has tips in it. None a hairdresser put in, more like the ones I give myself as I lean back to paint a bit on one side while my hair brushes the bits I painted on the other side…
And the weather, which was so uncooperative for so long, being stinking hot and windy, has suddenly turned chilly.
I think summer is over and I haven’t yet finished painting the house.
I need to put all other projects on hold and get it done before winter really sets in. Once the rains start I think it’ll be next summer before the rails dry enough to apply paint.
Meanwhile, on an exciting note, I’ve been in touch with the family who bought Ben. He’s doing well and they love him. I’m so glad. When they were here they said they may have a couple of horses which might suit me. I got photos of one of them the other day.
Meet Chester, a chestnut standard bred boy, 15hh, 10 years old.

I’m in love.
He’s gorgeous, isn’t he? I love boys anyway so I may be a bit biased. But he’s just so pretty! And such a lovely colour. 
At this point I confess that I’ve always had a mistrust of chestnuts, ever since a chesnut boy named Tito threw me repeatedly when I was taking riding lessons many years ago. But Chester has a trustworthy face, don’t you think?
At 15hh, Chester is a lot smaller than Ben too. When we bought Ben he was 16hh according to what we were told. He’s now 16.3hh. He’s huge. He grew tons while we had him. As you can imagine, the drop from 15 hands is a lot less than the drop from 16.3 hands.
I always wanted a BIG horse. My first horse was a 14.3hh quarter horse x named Schnapps. I wanted a 16-17hh horse then. Now I’m leaning the other way…
I might even have a hope in hell of getting my leg up into the stirrup of a 15hh horse. 
We can only hope!
Anyway, I’ll share photos of the mare they have too, an appaloosa… then we’ll go out one day in a couple of weeks and I’ll get to ride them and see how I feel about them. I’m so excited!

2 thoughts on “sag drag and fall

  1. lord Zefi.. i could not get my leg up and my butt on a horse even western saddle without a block or a fallen tree to stand on when i was a kid much less now… it is hell being short!!!


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